Server Rules

We want DigForge to be a safe and fun environment for all players. Please use common sense and be a good human. If we feel that you are not adhering to that standard, you will be banned. Below, you will find a short list of rules. These are subject to change at any time, and by playing on this server, you are agreeing to these rules. If you have any questions, feel free to chat.


  1. Respect each other.
  2. No advertising.
  3. Do no ask to become a moderator.
  4. Do not impersonate a moderator.


  1. No offensive language. This is a family-friendly server.
  2. No derogatory comments regarding any race, ethnicity, country-of-origin, gender, sexual preferences, religion, or anything else.
  3. No all caps talking. This is considered shouting.
  4. No unapproved links.
  5. Don’t complain about lag.
  6. Don’t curse in public chats or in personal ones.
  7. No attempts to scam or deceive players.


  1. No griefing. Please do not destroy, deface, graffiti, or build on top of another person’s constructions.
  2. No 1×1 tall towers or holes.
  3. Please don’t try and crash the plugins or bots.
  4. No hacking. This includes interface mods or programs intended to circumvent system tools.
  5. No player killing in non-player killing areas.
  6. No offensive builds, names or skins.
  7. No death traps or places where other users will definitely die.
  8. No scamming players.